Nationally proven from a well-documented program that originated in Maine, “5210 Every Day!” promotes four practices that can be adopted daily by children and parents to improve overall health and avoid obesity:

How 5210 is Being Used in San Diego County

5210 Campaign Materials

The campaign components include an introductory video, posters, brochures, fliers and other branded materials that will be provided to schools, childcare centers and healthcare facilities throughout San Diego County. Parents, kids, teachers, businesses and other San Diegans are invited to download these free materials:

Resources for Healthy Eating and Active Living in Your Community

or more servings of fruits & vegetables

Energize Your Body with Fruits and Vegetables!
This flyer from the Network for a Healthy California illustrates recommended portion sizes for various fruits and vegetables.

Handling the Picky Eater
Former COI Co-Chair Dr. Christine Wood offers tips on how to expand your picky eater’s palate.

Champions for Change Healthy Recipes
Champions for Change offers a variety of tasty recipes that will encourage you and your family to eat healthier.

Fruits & Veggies More Matter
Fruits & Veggies More Matter interactive and fun resources including fruits and veggie coloring pages, nutrition games and helpful articles.

Healthy Children Recipes
Whether you’re hungry for a snack or an entire meal, it’s easy for the whole family to eat healthy with these delicious recipes from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

hours or less recreational screen time*

Healthy Digital Media Use Habits for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers
Help your child develop healthy media habits early on. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers media use guidelines for children 0 to 5.

Make Room for Healthy Media Choices
Common Sense Media has designed free printable downloads to help make room for healthy media choices.

A Guide to Managing Your Television: Tips for your family
Need help dragging your children away from the television? University of Michigan offers tips, resources and data.

Reduce Screen Time for Kids 
Check out these benefits and best practices to reducing screen time for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Family Media Plan  
By creating a Personalized Family Media Use Plan, you can be aware of when you are using media. American Academy of Pediatrics offers tools that will help you to think about media, create goals and rules that are in line with your family’s values.

 hour or more of physical activity

Be Active 
Regular physical activity is good for you in so many ways! Find new and fun ideas to get you and your family moving toward healthier and active lives.

Get Kids Moving
Learn about the benefits and best practices of physical activity in child care and early education settings.

BAM! Body and Mind
This interactive CDC webpage is designed for kids. The page inspires children to participate in physical activity and presents child-friendly information on nutrition, safety and body image.

Lets Move, Get Active
Let’s Move! aims to increase opportunities for kids to be physically active, both in and out of school and to create new opportunities for families to move together. Find out more about how to become more physically active through your family, schools and community.

11 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Be Physically Active
Parents can play a key role in helping their child become more physically active. This article offers eleven ways to encourage your child to become more physically active.

 sugary beverages, drink more water

Rethink Your Drink 
Sugar can come in many different forms. Learn more about the different names of sugar to look out for and how to calculate sugar from a nutrition label.

Choose Water Instead of Sugary Drinks
Check out this interactive info-graphic by First 5 Contra Costa that explains how juice drinks, soda, flavored milk, and sports drinks can destroy teeth, cause obesity, and Type II Diabetes.

Water and Milk are the Best Choices
Find out the benefits and best practices to increase water and low/no fat milk consumption, limiting juice and no sugary drinks for children.

Healthy Drinks for Kids
Rady Children’s Hospital hosts a webpage directed at parents seeking to replace sugar-sweetened beverages in their household. It offers viable sugary drink replacements, their nutrition information and tips for quelling sugar cravings.

Water Up!
Water Up! provides helpful facts, tips and resources to help you get hydrated!

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