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Family Living Today

Family Living Today is a resource site for families living healthy and active lifestyles. They have numerous resources and guides on nutrition, teaching opportunities at home, and keeping kids safe. Keeping Kids Safe At Home: A Parent’s Guide To Child Safety

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

ODPHP developed the Move Your Way campaign to share key recommendations from the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, released in November 2018. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Move Your Way emphasizes personalized, practical strategies that people can use to fit more activity into their busy lives, while clearly communicating the amount and types of physical activity Americans need to stay healthy.

Power Up for Sports and Health (PUSH) Toolkit
The PUSH toolkit provides coaches, parents, and league representatives with the tools they need to make healthy nutrition a part of any youth athletic experience. Sample league policies, team messages, fundraising ideas, and healthy snack / concession lists are just a few of the items that make the PUSH toolkit a great resource for helping leagues and parents model healthy habits at sporting events and practices.

Resources for Faith Communities Toolkit
The icansandiego Resources for Faith Communities Toolkit provides faith leaders with easy-to-use resources for creating a healthier faith and community environment. This joint effort between icansandiego, a local web-based diabetes prevention campaign, and the San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative offers sample wellness policy templates and implementation tips, instructions on starting community gardens and walking programs, and other useful resources that support a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Youth Engagement & Action for Health (YEAH!) Training Manual
The YEAH! manual and supplementary trainings were developed to train leaders of youth groups to engage youth and adults to plan and implement projects designed to create neighborhoods where it is easier for people to be healthy. Engaging neighborhood youth and adults creates a strong community of people who become empowered to work for changes that support a healthier lifestyle. Youth are trained to conduct neighborhood assessments, select a meaningful project, and advocate for change with local policy and decision makers. By participating in these projects, youth identify and work toward a goal, become empowered to create positive change, gain valuable leadership experience, and build a foundation for life-long community involvement.

*To learn more about the YEAH! program, please watch this video and contact us.

State of Childhood Obesity Report
The State of Childhood Obesity report, developed with the input and support of many COI partners, was released in May 2017. The report presents childhood overweight and obesity prevalence data, baseline measures for indicators of progress, and innovative projects and activities implemented by COI partners and provides a benchmark by which progress in obesity prevention will be measured moving forward, with a focus on health equity.

The Call to Action: San Diego County Childhood Obesity Action Plan (Action Plan)
The Call to Action: San Diego County Childhood Obesity Action Plan (Action Plan) was originally published in 2006 and was revised in 2010, and most recently in June 2015. This document acts a roadmap for the San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative-identifying the seven domains (i.e., sectors) with the greatest potential impact on childhood obesity and key strategies for its prevention and reduction within each domain. The Action Plan emphasizes policy and environmental changes with the recognition that it is easier for individuals to make healthy choices to reduce and prevent childhood obesity when the physical and social environment in which they live supports these choices.
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