The Government Workgroup is comprised of city, county, and tribal governments dedicated to creating environments that help make active, healthy, and thriving lifestyle choices the daily norm. This Workgroup supports local governments in placing health equity at the forefront of all policies and planning efforts. The Workgroup also operates with the purpose of engaging all government entities in the implementation of policy and environmental strategies that contribute to the prevention and reduction of childhood obesity with a focus on health equity. For a complete overview of the Government Workgroup, please review the Government Domain Strategic Plan.

Please visit the Calendar or contact COI staff for information on attending the monthly Government Workgroup meetings.

Government Champions

Stacey Kurz
City of Chula Vista

Maya Rosas

Maya Rosas
Circulate San Diego

COI Contact Staff

Camellia Mortezazadeh
San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative
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Megan Gietzen
San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative
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